In partnership with educational institutions, we assist our students in choosing the right-fit majors and learning institutions for their further educational plans through Axel Journey Service as below :

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01 // Student Profile

Our counsellor will assess students’ personalities, interests and talents through our Axel Path. The Axel Path could assist the students and their parents in developing their study plans, i.e. choosing major, type of studies and universities / colleges in other countries.

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02 // Personalised Study & Career Plan

With our certified counsellor, students will be guided to develop their study & career plan based on the assessment result, financial matter, geographic preference, academic result and other consideration factors. We strive to provide reliable information about the courses, career options and recommended higher educational institutions enable students to make well informed and sound decision for their study plan.

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03 // Application Assistance

Our professional admission and support service team take care of our students’ school and visa application, payment, accommodation & transportation arrangement. With our professional assistance, students can focus to achieve their maximum grades in their high school while we take care of their application process to their preferred higher educational institutions.

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04 // Support Service

Each of our students will be in good company. Our support service team are ready to assist students shall the students or their parents need assistance during their studies in their dream colleges/universities.