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In collaboration with International Medical University, we organized a workshop for four days long. Getting engaged with the medical and scientific fields can help you choose the major that is best for you.
Here are some glimpses of what you will learn during the workshop.


18-21 June 2023


IDR 5,400,000

International Medical University

IMU is Malaysia’s first and most established private medical and health sciences university with 27 years of dedicated focus in healthcare education.

Over the years IMU has also established partnerships with leading hospitals in the country to allow its staff and students to get continuous and extensive real-life clinical experience.

It also operates its own private clinics, IMU Healthcare, in areas such as Dentistry, Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine to ensure close integration of real practice with education.



Hands on activity of fabricating upper and lower teeth model which is supervised and assisted by dental faculty and dental laboratory technologists.


Biomedical Science

Forensic Fingerprinting – exposure to fingerprinting basics and techniques followed by hands-on development of latent fingerprints

Phlebotomy – the act of drawing blood from the circulatory system through a cut (incision) or puncture in order to obtain a sample for analysis and diagnosis.


Medical Biotechnology

Ever wonder how DNA evidence is prepared and analysed at a crime scene? Experience for yourself a day in the life of a forensic molecular biologist.



Introduction to Tableting Machine - Preparation of granules for tablet compressio to manufacture tablets , demo on how to compress granule.


Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Homemade Air Freshener Gel – how to make air freshener gel with simple non-toxic ingredients and customise it to suit your preference.


Dietetics / Nutrition

Nutrition education and counselling, recipe modification and cooking / tasting, food preparation.


Medicine + Clinical Skills

Monsters Around Us – Showcasing different human parasitic infections, which include acanthamoeba, round worm, hookworm, head ice, house dust mites and malaria infection

Antenatal examination – feel a pregnant tummy using a manikin and listen to fetal heart sound

Handwashing and intramuscular
injection – handwashing and hands on experience giving injection.

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