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Curious whether you have passion for art & design ?

It is a must to join the programme to see if you have passion for advertising & graphic design, digital media design, illustration, animation or interior design.

Should you turn your creativity passion into art & design profession ? Find your answer in this art & design bootcamp in Penang!

It is the long awaited Creativepreneur Art & Design Bootcamp and become one of popular workshops among Indonesian students. We choose Penang as the destination for the bootcamp to give different vibe compared to previous workshop as the island offers a captivating mix of attractions, from vibrant street art and colonial architecture to pristine beaches and lush rainforests. It means Penang's diverse attractions have something for everyone.


23 - 27 June 2023

Penang, Malaysia

from IDR 6,500,000


Colour of the Culture

Immerse yourself in a fusion of vibrant colors, flavors, and artistic expression that will inspire and tantalize both your senses and creative spirit. Indulge your taste buds in the captivating delights of Penang's local cuisine, unlocking your artistic potential alongside the culinary journey!


Sculptural Symphony

Unleash your team's creativity and engineering prowess in a quest to construct elegant and towering sculptures. To embark on a journey to build the magnificent structures that blend creativity, teamwork, and the sheer joy of creation.ney!


Immersion VR Realm

Experience the VR immersive media, that brings you a glimpse of the future Metaverse, where you will be able to experience the interaction and an insight of the alternate world.


Go with the Strokes and Flows

Explore and learn the basic techniques of brush calligraphy while immersing yourself in the beauty of letters. Let your creativity flows with the strokes of brushes and turn them into a masterpiece of your own.



Get to know more about how A.i. generative workflow impact the traditional pipeline and how to approach, manipulate and create concept art by using the power A.I.

Let's Join the Bootcamp!

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