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Top 10 countries for destination of study among Indonesia students :

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Singapore is rated as having one of the best education systems in Asia and attracts thousands of international students to study there. In Singapore, you can study at public or private colleges and universities.

Fun Fact: Studying in Singapore can be a shortcut to obtaining a degree from Australia, the UK, the US, or Europe.

Image by Miltiadis Fragkidis


Guarantee to get the best quality of education and most of the universities are internationally recognized. Thailand is a cosmopolitan hub of tourism & hospitality so it is one of the best destinations to study tourism & hospitality. 

Fun Fact : Thailand is known for the quick acceptance of application for international students even in one day.

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Located close to our country, Malaysia is one of the favorite study destination for Indonesia students. Offer affordable tuition fees with top quality of courses.

Funfact : Study in Malaysia opens opportunities to learn new languages and dialects from locals.

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Want to get a scholarship and study for free? China can be one of your top choices. The rapid development of education has made China one of the main study destinations for international students from around the world.

Funfact : China's growing economy offers many job opportunities for graduates, both in China and abroad, especially for those who speak Mandarin and understand Chinese culture.

Image by Markus Winkler

South Korea

South Korea provides a high quality of education and scholarships for students. While studying in Korea, students can also take part-time jobs and internships. The development of technology and innovation provides students with access to advanced research facilities and a dynamic tech industry.


Funfact : The “Hallyu” phenomenon / Korean Wave has attracted many enthusiastic international students to study in South Korea.

Image by Dan Freeman


Australia is a great place to live and learn. Many universities in Australia are globally recognized. Vibrant cities and towns offer safe, friendly, and welcome for international students. 

Funfact : International students are allowed to work part-time while pursuing their studies and Australia's minimum wage is relatively high compared to other countries to cover their living expenses.

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UK Universities have an international reputation and rank among the best in the world with scholarship opportunities. In UK, international student can also take part-time jobs and have high rate of employability. 


Funfact : Most of undergraduate courses only take three years to complete. Shorter duration of course means les money on tuition and living expenses.

Image by J C


France has a wide choice of academic programs all over the country both for public and private universities. France is ranked 2nd for the employability of institutions.

Funfact : France consistently ranks as one of the top host countries for international students globally.

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Ireland is a safe and tolerant place to live and study. Ireland have a world-class education system and wide career opportunities.

Funfact : Ireland offers a one-year stay-back visa for Bachelor graduates and up to two years stay-back visa for Postgraduates.

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Most of universities in USA are internationally recognized and have high academic standards. While studying in USA, students can take classes outside from their majors or disciplines.


Funfact : Studying in the USA is the opportunity to experience the country's rich cultural diversity firsthand. 


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