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Beasiswa S2 Turki

January 2022


Axel Little Champs for learners aged 3 to 6

Axel Little Champs is an English language program, designed specifically for 3 to 6 year olds. With this Axel’s innovative and structured program, your child will enjoy exhilarating lessons filled with a wide variety of activities that suit their interests, age and abilities. Adopting tested language-teaching methodology, this program will help your child meet their developmental milestones. Upon completion of this program, your child will have developed the essential language and life skills and added 500+ words to their vocabulary, giving your child a head-start for primary school.

Axel Explore for learners aged 6 to 12

Axel Explore is a six-level English course for primary school learners which covers the four language skills. The syllabus is carefully designed to ensure that learners can develop not only their knowledge of English, but also their ability to use the language, both in speaking and writing. Our communicative method of teaching and engaging lessons will make learning English more enjoyable and meaningful.

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