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HSK Preparation Course

Program Overview

HSK (汉语水平考试 Hàn yǔ Shuǐ píng Kǎo shì) is the official standardized test for Chinese language, and it proves your language proficiency in 3 aspects of the language skills, such as listening, reading, and writing.

*Note : For Speaking, you can also take a separate speaking test called the HSKK (Chinese Level Oral Test)

What Will You Learn

In the lesson, the tutor will ensure that you will:

a. learn about the necessary vocabulary and grammar;

b. practice your skills by reading short texts and listening to Chinese audio;

c. experience a real test of HSK mock test and receive constructive feedback for every test


a. HSK 1 : 3 months (24 meeting @60 minutes ~ 24 hours)
b. HSK 2 : 6 months (48 Meetings @60 minutes ~48 hours)
c. HSK 3 : 12 Months (96 Meetings @60 minutes ~ 96 hours)

HSK 4 & HSK 5 By appointment

Start Date

Available Now

Mode of Learning

Online, Offline, Hybrid

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