Academic Writing Class

Program Overview

The course is designed as a structured study of how to write Academically and will look at several aspects in detail. The Course provides a quick review of the paragraph writing and then moves on to the specific structures of process essays, cause /effect essays, comparison/contrast essays, and argumentative essays. We will also look at the process of academic writing including punctuation rules, research, and documentation of research. Each 3-hour session will include in-class writing exercises, writing under pressure tasks and input and feedback sessions. Practice exercises will be set as optional homework.

What Will You Learn

Below is a brief outline of each 3-hour session:

1. Paragraph structure including topic, supporting, and concluding sentences. Unity and Cohesion and strategies.

2. Facts vs Opinions, plagiarism, quotations, and statistics, paraphrasing, and A1:H8

3. Introductory Paragraphs, Body, Thesis Statements, Concluding paragraphs.

4. The Writing Process, pre-writing and outlining. Editing and polishing

5. Research and Documentation of Sources, Citation

6. Process Essays

7. Cause and Effect Essays

8. Comparison/ Contrast Essays

9. Argumentative Essays

10. Sentence Structures and Using Parallel structures

11. Noun Clauses / Adjective Clauses

12. Test and individual feedback

There will be a total of 4 writing assignments throughout the Course. Participants will earn a Certificate of Completion on completing all 4 assessments and attendance of at least 80 percent of classes.

Outcome: Student can write well with proper language structure, suitable to the audience, and acceptable at their purposes


36 Hours

Start Date

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Mode of Learning

Online, Offline, Hybrid