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Dreaming to have a giant business like Alibaba? Study from the expert!

Established in 2008, Alibaba Business School is jointly built by Hangzhou Normal University (Mr. Jack Ma’s almamater) and Alibaba Group. Through the integration of Alibaba’s excellent corporate culture, the whole process of enterprise participation, the whole process of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and the close integration with industrial development, Alibaba Business School has established a set of innovative and entrepreneurial Internet Business talent training “Alibaba Model.”

9 December 2023

13:30 - 14:30 WIB

Zoom Meeting



Alibaba Model: 


Focusing on Internet Business 

Alibaba Business School is dedicated to cultivation of talents in the digital economy era. Focused on internet-related E-commerce, network marketing, big data, and etc.


University & Enterprise Cooperation 

Alibaba Business School and Alibaba Group jointly  carry out construction and management for the entire school. The purpose is to make students obtain the most cutting edge internet knowledge.

Combination of theory and practice 
In this school, theoretical exploration is closely combined with industrial development and students' learning is synchronises with practice.

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